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Click to learn more! Shop at Brake Masters and save today! I told them to lower my truck and they would never see me again. The mechanic told me my tie rod end is going to fall off. I told him I was going to get on every website and tell them what they did to me today. They do this stuff all of the time and get away with it. Something needs to be done. I informed the guy behind the counter that I had an estimate from another company that was lower, which this company advertises that they match. I also asked if they had coupons for the service. Instead of assisting me for the appropriate coupon many businesses will provide on-site , he told me I could look it up myself.

I thought the way he responded was really rude but proceeded to do just that after dropping off my car. The same guy behind the counter told me that I had to present the coupon when I received the estimate when I dropped off my car. Why would it matter, unless they are trying to "adjust" their price, depending on the coupon amount! Yesterday, I attempted to use the same Brake Masters again, due to it being the closest location to my house.

Of course, when I went back they tried to over-charge me, stating that the "coupon" covered labor which it didn't. The person I originally gave the coupon to gave it to the person that I had issues with the 1st time. Both times, the person hesitated like I'm going to back down, which I didn't, and they had to honor the coupon.

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The guy at corporate corporate asked what I wanted him to do, with no apology. I told him that I would like him to follow whatever protocol that is use in matters like this. The next then I knew, that evening I get a phone call from the guy I complained about. So that's their protocol??? Of course, the guy I reported wanted to justify why he did, what he did, of course acting like I didn't know what I was talking about. I didn't call corporate for me to have the person I complained about call me, or I would have done that myself!!

I guess the guy at corporate really missed the point I will never go back to this establishment again!!! I just wonder if they would have treated a man this way They said the vehicle needed Struts and shocks even though the car was practically new and had low mileage. I then took the car to another place to have new tires installed.

They said it badly needed Struts and Shocks. I said I thought I had already done that here a few months ago. They checked their computer and said no, only oil changes on their records. I knew that was not true so I declined to have them installed and just went with the oil change. I immediately took my receipts back to the Brake Masters shop. When I got there, I asked them to just give me the parts under warranty and I would install them myself. They refused, saying "it doesn't work that way. Then I proved to them that the Struts were still in good shape and the car didn't need them so how could they say I needed to replace the Struts after only putting about 10, highway miles on them?

Heck, the tires weren't even showing any strut-type wear. The manager went with me outside to the car where I proved to him the car did not need Struts. It used to be a reputable location to service your car but now, under its current management, they are obviously scamming their customers and my receipts prove it. If they will scam people for struts, they likely will for other items as well.

There are plenty of reputable auto repair business in Albuquerque. Their mechanic Minh, is one of the best automotive mechanics anywhere in Southern Arizona. The fact that Brake Masters was willing to listen and to respond to my complaint means that I wish to retain their business. He showed me underneath the truck the problems with a flashlight. We went inside the office and he began to calculate how much the repair work would cost. I said, "Well, I know I need shocks and a timing belt but the ball joints looked bad too.

Little did I know that he intended to manipulate the entire cost of the repair to his advantage by juggling the "numbers" so bad that it looked legit. He would find the cheapest parts in town and then charge me the highest cost for labor. I intended to make a formal complaint with the store and the company. On May 25 at 8: At which time, I witnessed an employee take my vehicle for a test drive. After return and the vehicle being on the lift for the alignment, the Store Manager informed me that they would be unable to perform the alignment due to "faulty tie rod end.

Today, June 1, I took my vehicle to the dealership where it was purchased for an oil change and alignment. They were able to perform the alignment with no mention of needing a tie rod end. It appears to me that Brake Masters is trying to overcharge customers for things that are not needed. I am glad that I took my vehicle to the dealership instead of relying on what Brake Maters was trying to do.

I personally feel that this is fraudulent business practice and there should be some type of investigation launched against Brake Maters!!! While performing an oil change, Brake Masters managed to break a storage compartment inside my vehicle. Today, the area manager had the nerve to tell me there's no way it could have been broken except from up under the dash and that his technician said it was already broken. I don't appreciate being called a liar and why were they going through storage compartments during an oil change?

Brake Masters at Saviers, Oxnard, California: I went there to get my starter changed only. I took my car to the shop around 9: I was not expecting that they would open my flywheel and show me that I have to change it. They told me they opened it because it was connected to the starter.

It was supposed to be two hours of work on my starter. It ended up to be four hours because the mechanic named Ai told me they would take my intake manifold out which would require him extra time. With the two hours of work earlier, I don't know what was done on my car. They also told me that I needed to replace my intake manifold gasket.

Brake Masters - Tucson, AZ

So, I told them to put everything back to normal and I would take my car to another shop. But the manager told me they would charge me for the two hours of work they have done since they were half way of the work for my starter. So I didn't have a choice but to get it going. My car didn't have any grinding sound before, which concerned the flywheel before they opened it. It was only the starter that gave a cranking sound at start. But now after the new starter was installed, it gives me the grinding sound after it starts.

So I got into questioning them, "Why is this happening now? They told me it was part of it. I was very disappointed with my starter service leaving me a grinding sound now after you start your engine. I know my car very well. This happened today on Oct. I stayed outside with the mechanic who was working on my car the whole time. I informed the mechanic that the freon had leaked out and that I had a leak somewhere.

The gentleman inside brought me a form to sign, and the bill. I never authorized Brake Masters to fully charge my system because I knew there was a leak. I was informed that they had to do this to check the system and are now telling me that they have my signature authorizing the work.

I informed the district manager and he offered to replace the refrigerant at no charge and to fix the line that needs repair and that he had my signature authorizing the work. I informed him that at no time did anyone with a white shirt give me a form authoring the work as I was outside the garage bay the whole time and only dealt with the mechanic.

What they did was have me sign their form after they said my car was ready and I went inside and they handed me the form with my bill. The form was to be signed before any additional work is done, not after the fact and given with the bill as a part of the normal procedure in order to get your car. The interesting thing is that a Nissan Sentra has no fuel filter. When I called Richard about the issue, he stuck to his story, and told me to call the district manager Jim.

When I talked to Jim, he acknowledged the fact that the vehicle had no fuel filter, and that it was just a mistake. My main complaint is that something similar happened a while back. I took my truck into Brake Masters, Lake Havasu City, for front brake pads, and they told me I needed a front brake caliper. I told them I had just had it replaced the week before at the dealership, and that it is warrantied. They then proceeded to tell me to take it back, which I did. Brake Masters in Lake Havasu should be investigated for improper business practice.

I took my car in for an oil change back in April or May Brake Masters tightened the oil pan nut too tight and cracked my oil pan. They gave me a hard time to fix it until I contacted Consumer Affairs and filed a complaint. Brake Masters then contacted me and stated that they would make the necessary repairs if I took the car into their shop. I was informed that it would take 2 to 3 hours to replace the oil pan that I had to buy at a Buick dealer.

I waited for my car from 8: When I walked back into the shop with the manager, I noticed that the wires were hanging down from under my dash and cut with a razor blade. The blade and electrical tape were in plain sight. I asked the manager why were they cutting my wires? His response was that a wire was pinched and stuck to the chassis when they lifted the engine of my car, and that the car wouldn't start. I became upset and stated to the manager that my car had been in storage for 10 years and that it was in excellent condition and that I was very displeased regarding the cutting of the wires.

AAMCO Flagstaff, AZ

The next day I contacted Brake Masters and they stated that my car still wouldn't start and that they were going to have it towed to an electrician's shop. I picked up my car the following day. The manager's supervisor apologized and promised me that Brake Masters would honor the warranty for up to 1 year, if I had any electrical issues in the future.

For the last month I have had electrical problems with blowing out the fuses for my dash lights, blinker problems and my radio shutting off by itself. I never had these problems with my car until I took it to Brake Masters, and I can't afford to be having it fixed anymore.

I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. I have been a Brake Masters client for many years and I'm filing this complaint hoping that you can contact Brake Masters and have them honor their 1-year warranty to correct my electrical short problems. I have stressed out over all the inconvenience that these problems have caused me and due to my health issues, I cannot afford to argue with anyone.

Please have them contact me and correct the problem that was created and caused by them a few months ago. I am disappointed in Brake Masters. At this location, they have gone through three managers since I had brake work done on my PT Cruiser. My PT had approximately k plus miles before I had to do the brakes. I took the car in as there was a grinding noise on the left side. They said my calipers were bad so they needed to be replaced. They also cut the rotors and put in new pads. I brought the car back about 2 to 3 months ago for the same grinding. They re-cut the rotors and sent me on my way.

Last week, I took my vehicle back in for the same reason. The calipers had damaged the rotors again. Now, I had to pay for new rotors and an upgrade in pads as the manager said the ones they replaced were not that good and wear out too soon! That might have been good to know in the beginning. Then they tried to charge me full labor for the work. How ridiculous is that when the original work was supposed to be guaranteed? Or are just the parts guaranteed? Obviously, they do not back up their mechanics' work.

My guess is that I did not receive new calipers, maybe only rebuilt if that. I am going to take my vehicle to a reputable brake specialist and have them give me a diagnostic. There should be no reason that I have to come back within a few months of having a full front brake job to have the work done a second and third time. On March 19, I took my car in for an oil change. After the work was done, I was informed that there was a crack around the oil pan drain plug. I informed the manager, Nicole, that my car never had any oil leaks.

She stated that they were not at fault. I took my car home and after an hour, I noticed a big oil leak on my garage floor. I took my car back to Brake Masters and they once again stated that the damages were not their fault. I was upset and told the manager that I was going to contact the Consumer Affairs Dept. Her response was, "Do what you have to do! It's not our fault. One hour later, I was contacted by Nicole and she stated that her supervisor stated to her that if I purchased a new oil pan, they would install it for free.

$ Full Service Oil Change Coupon | Brake Masters Auto Repair Sac.

I told her that I shouldn't have to buy anything especially since the damage was done in her shop. Her response was, "That's the best that we can do. So if you want it done, you have to go and purchase a new oil pan. Then, I went back to Brake Masters and scheduled a date to repair my car.

I was told by the manager that I could bring it in any day and that the repairs would only take two to three hours. While I was there, I noticed that the mechanic dis-assembled my entire front end. The front axle was on the floor along with my starter, rotors and other parts. My engine was tiled and the transmission oil was leaking all over the floor. Four hours had passed so I asked the assistant manager, Richard, how long the repair was going to take.

His response was, "We're almost done. His response again was, "We're almost done. I asked the manager what's going on because nothing is being done. His response was, "As soon as my mechanic finishes, I'll inform you. I asked Richard, "What is going on? This was supposed to take two to three hours according to Nicole and I have been here since 8: I walked in the shop and noticed that the mechanic was pulling on wires on top of my engine and that two wires were damaged and cut. He stated, "There's no problem.

I will fix them with electrical tape. Then, I looked inside my car because the drivers door was open. I noticed wires cut and hanging on the floor next to a razor blade. I stated to the mechanic, "What are you doing to my car? You were supposed to fix my oil pan, not cut my wires and possibly cause an electrical short? I was very upset. I had been at Brake Masters since 8: I was very upset and tired. I stated to the manager that I couldn't miss any more work and that they needed to get me a loner car. He contacted his supervisor and the loner was approved.

By the time the car arrived, it was already 8: The next day, my car was taken to an Electrician's Shop and my car was returned to me. I noticed that my car wasn't running the same. The idle was ruff and the car didn't start as easy as it used to. It felt like not enough amps were kicking over the starter. I contacted Brake Masters and asked to speak with their supervisor. Two hours later, Mr. I shared with Mr. All he did was apologize and that was it. Two days later, Mr. I stated to Mr. That my starter was not amping up like it used to and that I was very disappointed.

He told me that he would mail me a check for the oil pan and guarantee my car for a period of one year if any problems occurred due to their services and repairs. I started to have electrical problems also.

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The key bell goes on while I'm driving and also the dash lights go on periodically. My cruise control also engaged without my engaging it. This became worst as time went on. I called Brake Masters and informed the assistant manager regarding this problem. He stated that he would contact his supervisor, Mr. After an hour, Richard called me back and informed me to bring in my car and that they would check the starter and see what the problem was. The manager told me that they checked the car and that the starter was just fine--no electrical problems were noticed. I informed Richard that my car had let me stranded several times in the past week and that the bell was ringing on occasion.

He then became upset and once again stated that there was nothing wrong with my car. He tried to get me to sign his release document in which I refused to do so. He brought me my car to the front of his shop and didn't say a word. I then tried to start my car and the same thing happened, the starter was just spinning. I honked my horn at Richard and he returned. I told him, "See?

The starter isn't working. He said that it wasn't their fault and just proceeded to walk away from me while I was still talking. This was very upsetting to me. I felt that I was disrespected once again and that Richard just didn't care about me as his customer.

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Page 2 Reviews 31 - May 18, I took a Toyota Tundra in for a front end alignment and brake check, called me said they could align it turn the rotors and that one of the front struts was leaking fluid and recommended replacement of both. July 30, I posted a review and a statement of the incident. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Brake Masters? We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. June 22, Carefree Hwy Brake Masters gave me a quote on replace a timing belt on Sequoia and promised it back in one day.

60 Brake Masters Consumer Reviews and Complaints

David of El Paso, TX. Don of Elk Grove , CA. May 26, Brake Masters installed struts.