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By entering the seller's username you can see what items they have accepted best offers on and the average discount they give.

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If they agree, ask them to change or add a buy-it-now price on the listing to keep the transaction within eBay. Some sellers try to boost their income by charging a bit more than needed for delivery. However, eBay is cracking down on this loophole by introducing new caps and applying fees to postage costs. Some sellers may suggest doing a deal outside of eBay. Or head direct to the international eBay site. Just check the seller will ship worldwide before bidding.

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This applies to both new and second-hand items. With private sellers, buyers have less protection. Read eBay's returns guide for more. Read more about this on eBay's Money Back Guarantee page. Get paid to spend with a cashback credit card: Lifestyle Money Tips.

Share this. Print this story. Here are some of the best we've found. Find out what others paid You can easily find out what the going rate is for the item you want on eBay by checking out how similar auctions have played out. Cash in on spelling blunders Careless sellers sometimes end up posting listings on eBay that contain spelling mistakes.

Amazon tips and tricks that can save you big money] Take advantage of overlooked items A lot of sellers start their auctions at 99p or less in the hope of a bidding war breaking out. Use sniping tools to win auctions If you're tired of losing out on auctions in the final moments there are sniping tools which can help.

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Seek out auctions ending late Another great way to bag a bargain is to take advantage of auctions ending at anti-social hours. Want more tips? We respect your email privacy. And don't forget your local GumTree website - a great source of cheap classifieds. Join our FREE mailing list. Only fools rush in - don't grab the first bargain you see Don't avoid Ebay - if a seller asks you to buy direct, avoid them.

You lose all your protection from Ebay. Pay with PayPal - again, you get extra protection this way.

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Read the small print - be SURE that you know what you're buying! Make sure you can pick the item up - bulky items often need a van and some muscle! Make sure you can store it - bulk deals sound great, but ever tried fitting a million widgets in your hallway? Have fun - buying a cheap bargain can be great fun.

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    Samsung Samsun? Even so, eagle-eyed shoppers may be able to spot the genuine items on offer. Topshop More than misspellings of the high street chain come up on eBay, giving bargain hunters the chance to get an item from the fashion favourite for substantially less than with eBay listings spelt correctly. Kindle Kindle is a commonly misspelt word on eBay. Money saving tips. Related Partners. In Money saving tips.

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